007 Summer mission : Let’s sculpt your curves! 🏊🏻👙

Every year it’s the same story. Summer is here and we fear our bikini operation. We start a diet, we go back to the gym and buy miracle products to help burn the accumulated fat.

But, it is really on us and our will to see the results.

It might happen that the method chosen might not be the best for us.  It’s time to tell you my secret.

Follow these three simple steps to make this operation simple and effective.


1st Step : Clean your intestine.  You should drink a simple glass of water on an empty stomach, as hot as possible, sipping it.

2nd Step : Chew, chew and chew again. When we chew, we generate serotonin, the hormone that will pamper us, increase our self-esteem and ultimately make us feel good. But also, we will lower cortisol, one of the stress hormones. If we are not anxious, we will eat less.

3rd step : Don’t eat less, eat better. Eating five times a day is essential, so you won’t snack anymore ! Also, it is necessary to add alkaline food to our diet : fresh fruit and veggies,  white meat and fish.



My personal recipe : goat kefir combined with slices of fruit, a pinch of pure cocoa. Delicious 😋 ¡  You may eat this for any of your 5 meals.

The ideal infusion :   1.5 l  of fennel infusion, every day during 1 month.

 A perfect complement : massage your body  to eliminate the accumulation of cellulite and  to relieve the muscles. Lymphatic drainage is my favourite.



Meditate and stop

If your adrenaline and cortisol are at their peak, and you feel anxious, nervous and frustrated…. You don’t have to follow the steps above! A diet doesn’t work if you can’t rest and meditate. These negative emotions cause stress and swelling. For this reason, we recommend emotional breathing and daily meditation for at least one month. As your metabolism rests, you relieve tension and breathe consciousl, you will easier lose weight.  Meditation is by far the Kick Off of your bikini operation.

Your new ally : idstress app

If you already have it, make the most of your bikini operation. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, do so today and start enjoying the many benefits of meditation. As said before, practising EMOTIONAL BREATHING will prevent unpleasant emotions from blocking our stomach. Meditate everyday:  EXPRESS RELAXATIONS is a good series to learn how to relax in a short time.


Last, but not least:  a message for women: We have curves, thanks God … That’s key to our femininity!

Our chief pharmacist, Pilar Martínez, will show you five natural products to complete the method explained and to make your bikini operation a success this year.

For a natural hydric balance, contains Java tea and dandelion. It is very useful for the purification and balance of our body.  
Encourages metabolisation of fat, ideal for low calorie diets.
It is the star product, controls glycaemic spikes, reducing lipid accumulation and the feeling of hunger.
Finocarbo plus
Helps reduce bloating and intestinal gas while promoting healthy digestion.

Ana Lombard

Specialized in the management of stress and emotions

Creator of idstress app

Founder, Centro Enlace – Natural therapies, body, and mind.

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