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Ana Lombard

Born in Portugal and brought up in France, Ana is a well-known therapist, specialized in the management of stress and emotions through therapies such as Sophrology, Craniosacral Therapy and Meditation.

Throughout the years, Ana has come to be recognized in the profession for her innate capacity to feel and canalize curative energies. She has turned this gift into her profession, giving herself a mission to help people achieve emotional balance and stay healthy.

The culmination of her journey as a therapist was her inauguration of the Center Enlace – Center of Natural Therapies for the Body and the Mind, in Barcelona (Spain), where she currently lives. It is in this context that she developed the MACYM method – Métodos Alternativos Cuerpo y Mente (Alternative Methods for the Body And the Mind), which was used as the basis for idstress, the mobile app she created in collaboration with her team.


The idstress app offers personalized guidance to each user for a better management of stress and emotions.

idstress aims to teach a form of meditation adapted to the constraints of modern life. A series of breathing exercises based on the method of therapist Ana Lombard will also help you through your practice.

idstress was created with a vision: daily training of the mind – a few minutes a day can be enough at first – helps us communicate better with ourselves and enables us to fully live a life that is healthy and turned towards the realization of our goals, both professional and personal.

idstress’s mission is to help each user find life balance by achieving harmony of the soul, body as well as of capacities and values. idstress was conceived as an instrument to:

• Exercise your mind.

• Conduct your thoughts.

• Help you grow as a person.

• Prevent diseases.

• Give meaning to your life.


Recommendations for use:

• Use headphones for a full experience.

• Perform the exercises in a calm environment.

• Do not perform the exercises when you are in the middle of activities that require your attention and imply a risk.

• After taking the Test, it is possible that your personalized program includes exercises which you will need to repeat for several days. It is recommended that you do all the repetitions to achieve the best results possible with the idstress method.

To complete the meditation without any interruption it's recommended to: connect to WiFi, download the audio and turn airplane mode on your device while you are on the audio playback screen. Please take special consideration for exercises within the Category Sleep.


Centro Enlace

It is a Natural Therapies Center created by Ana Lombard, to help each person to find their personal balance and their well-being. It's characterized by grouping different techniques for optimizing the balance between body, mind, and emotions, individualizing the therapies according to the needs of each person.

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