Ana’s Letter for Christmas 💌 Festivity or Conflict?

Not losing the spirit of Christmas … it is possible!

It seems a real sprint, whose starting signal is Black Friday. Every time we have it more difficult to arrive whole to January 7th. Christmas has become for many a competition against themselves. The gifts, the business dinners, invisible friends, family meals or more dinners, decoration everywhere, the house itself… making cavaliers with the family economy to reach everything. Some days that should be pleasant, to enjoy them with the most beloved people, can become anguishing and stressful for many.

Let’s savor!

Savoring should be the fundamental thing. Taste how beautiful the city is illuminated, a very warm walk and a cup of chocolate or a warm wine 🔥🍷, the Christmas fairs, the time to decorate the tree, assemble the manger, search or create a different Advent calendar, share the tenths of the Christmas lottery, get reacquainted with those who are far away 🌍, uncork a bottle of cava and toast because we are together, contemplate the smiles of our loved ones when discovering our gifts … But many times we get lost along the way, we create many obligations that bother us and we arrive at that moment exhausted.

An innovative idea! A perfect present?

Japanese culture has a precept with which I can not agree more. He says that, if you have affection for someone, do not buy him a gift, give him or her a thing that you have and that you really-really like. I am an enemy of unbridled consumerism, which is why I see myself reflected in this Japanese maxim. You can create a special and unforgettable moment with that person, telling them a story of where that gift comes from, giving emphasis to the emotion that that object of value means to you and the reason why you want it to be. It can be very significant!

Let’s relieve the emotional burden and stress … How?

There are many ways to alleviate the weight that this stage may involve. What I always recommend in my therapies is organization and anticipation. Decide what gives us pleasure and what does not, perhaps because we do not know how to do it – for example, prepare a Christmas dinner – or because we feel it as an obligation.

If we all have everything we need, buy things just because, for each member of the family or meeting can be quite useless. I think it’s more fun in these cases to celebrate an invisible family friend. With this we can enjoy the process, devoting all the energy to the surprise of one of the members, join us with others, etc …

With a certain anticipation, and requesting help, we can turn the “obligations” into pleasure: involve your mother-in-law in the design of the Christmas menu can be key to smooth out rough edges; choose how to dress the table with your teenage daughter or with the little ones, let them contribute a congratulation or drawing for each one, organize games for the long after-hours … In this way, we will transform this process into a cluster of small moments of magic and pleasure.

Pause, give yourself a few minutes of emotional peace📲

Emotional pause? That’s right, recharge! Only a few minutes will give you a special calm and energy to continue embracing December with a clearer focus, with more serenity, with more love, more self confidence, less stress, less anxiety, with a deeper sleep.

So, how do I get emotional intimacy? How do I get rid of stress and unpleasant emotions? To face the Christmas responsibilities that we consider a priority for personal reasons without forgetting the pleasure and well-being, I recommend you to meditate a few minutes.

My recommendation to bring calm to your day and give you a stress-free moment, pure personal pleasure and enjoying yourself this Christmas is to use your idstress app and select:

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Merry Christmas, I wish you a December full of clarity and emotional peace!

Ana Lombard, Global Therapist, Creator con ANA LOMBARD

method and Specialist in Stress Management, Creator of ídstress app

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