Are we denying stress as a disease?

We are taking time to treat stress like any other disease.

We were invited to argue and debate, a “Dialogue” with Marion Suffert at Espai Taronja, Vasis-conseil.

We talked, we exchanged ideas. Marion allowed us to share our therapeutic experience in the treatment of stress in consultation and through the app idstress, we were able to test the benefits of meditation and relax together.

Did you know that stress can be negative or positive? Pausing is essential to staying in positive stress, we have to find the breaks ⏸to regenerate. Some people get it by laughing, doing sports, or practicing yoga, but many times we do not have as much time or we have to wait at the end of the workday. In addition, sometimes we are overwhelmed and we do not know how to manage it. This pause is very personal, but very important to free us from stress and place us in a lighter state to manage and change our unpleasant emotions. That is why we recommend meditation as a quick pause, so as not to end up in accumulation.

Seeing these difficulties Ana Lombard, created idstress app to help her patients relax and stay calm. These busy professionals who needed help directly, in their own language were not comfortable with other systems, for example, Buddhist relaxation, nor were they experts in meditation, they looked for something closer to their needs. Thanks to new technologies, today this tool is available to all those who need it in a personalized way, thanks to our stress test and according to their own result, their personalized program.

Stress is a real epidemic that we do not like to talk about. We often treat the symptoms (eczema, psoriasis, anxiety or depression) but we do not get to the bottom of the matter. Ana Lombard comments:

“From my point of view, it would be necessary to act from the prevention. Wouldn’t be nice if in the annual reviews of the company, in addition to stress and cholesterol, we could measure our cortisol level? And then, be able to effectively treat stress?”


Some entrepreneurs aware of the consequences of stress are not waiting, and for example rely on idstress pro to treat it and prevent it. In these cases we train employees to identify stress, emotional conflicts and give tools to self-manage and improve their lost abilities.

Thank you Marion Suffert who has more than 20 years of experience in HR consulting. She is considered an expert in career management. She has exercised her activity in employment policies and projects of organizational change. (PA Consulting Group, MOA-BPI Group – Associate Director, Vasis Conseil, Espai Taronja), involved also in others major projects of great importance, thank you for this space of debate, without a doubt a great experience for all of us!


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