iDSTRESS By Ana Lombard

Thanks to all

Thanks you

Have you think how many times have you said thank you today? Or how many times have you complained about something being wrong today?

Benefits of meditation

Beneficios de la meditacion

Surely you’ve heard about the benefits of training your mind through meditation that has been very fashionable nowadays. It has been said that meditation is a routinary practice that, if integrated in today’s rhythm of life, can helps us to relax and focused in our personal and professional goals in a healthy way.

Time is yours

Have you ever felt when the first alarm in the morning sounds, just when you had just opened your eyes, that you are already running late?

Breathe today and feel better every day

We all breathe without thinking how we’re doing it. Breathing is an innate process in which we collect oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

Let’s live positive!

The word optimism comes from optimun, that means “the best”. Therefore optimism is the ability to see the best of things, to recognize the positive side even in the vicissitudes of life, such as the death of a loved one, a hard breakup or getting fired from a job.