Benefits of meditation

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Surely you’ve heard about the benefits of training your mind through meditation that has been very fashionable nowadays. It has been said that meditation is a routinary practice that, if integrated in today’s rhythm of life, can helps us to relax and focused in our personal and professional goals in a healthy way.

Nevertheless training the mind through meditation is more than that. It is a dynamic process that involves the understanding of the capacity for change and adaptation by making an observation of our life experiences. And this, despite what is commonly believed, can be practiced at any time, walking, sitting or doing other specific activity like washing the dishesl. Likewise, it doesn’t require any specific postures but a concentration that helps to reassure the mind.

At its different levels, meditation is the form of mental training that involves distinct levels of concentration to achieve a state of peace.


Benefits of meditation:

  • Focus and direction: develops the capacity to cultivate a greater awareness of the present moment with acceptance and without prejudice.
  • Emotional regulation: management of thoughts, emotions and moods. And the release of automatic and unconscious patterns.
  • Increased mental focus and effectiveness
  • Vision and empowerment: increase of equanimity, security and confidence. And with them the feeling of satisfaction and well-being.
  • Increases the level of energy and vitality: breathing more fluid and released, generating more oxygen in the body, strengthening the immune system, reducing the need for rest and balancing blood pressure.
  • Generates greater resistance to erroneous habits: like excessive meals, tobacco or alcohol in large quantities.
  • Reduces stress with better regulation of adrenaline and cortisol.

If you are interested in starting the practice of meditation you have to understand that as with sports the brain is also a muscle and only with a routinary practice it will get strength and improve. That is to say don’t get disappointed when in the first days you don’t get great results. You will notice the benefits in positive personal changes and the way in which you live the world that surrounds you.

To start I recommend five minute sessions and then go increasing time. Thus, you will be able to give different mental steps towards your goals.

As a mind training tool I recommend starting with the free 7-day idstress app program. Start by taking the stress test and with a personalized program designed for you start your practice and the path to wellness.

Ana Lombard

Specialist in Emotional Education and Stress Management

Founder of Centro Enlace ‘Terapias Naturales Cuerpo y Mente’


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