Breathe today and feel better every day

Respirar bien

We all breathe without thinking how we’re doing it. Breathing is an innate process in which we collect oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

Unfortunately, because breathing is a daily and automatic vital action, we have reduced it to a mere physiological function, wasting the benefits of doing it correctly for our health and wellbeing.

And because of that, today I want to share with you the importance of knowing how to breathe and how that simple and vital action can make you find peace and feel better about yourself every day.

First of all, it is important to recognize that breathing is our tool to generate energy. And that energy is what helps us to reduce stress, anxiety and regain personal balance managing negative emotions.

Breathing helps us to identify what’s happening here and now, it helps us to be in our body. Through breathing we connect our bodies with our thoughts.

Like any habit, consciously breathing every day it’s like exercising in the gym to have a good physical condition. In the first case, the mind also needs to be trained. And for this training there are tools like idstress, the only mobile app that puts in your hands the possibility to follow a personalized program that helps you to train every day according to your needs. And to enjoy all the benefits of a lifetime of health and wellness.

With idstress you have everything you need to incorporate into your daily life a complete workout that can be performed at any time and that will help you remove the accumulated tension and stress and prevent the accumulation of negative emotions.

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Ana Lombard

Specialist in Emotional Education and Stress Management

Founder of Centro Enlace ‘Terapias Naturales Cuerpo y Mente’


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