If you are feeling tense, nervous or blocked, breathing, will bring relief and give you a positive and happy outlook on life.

Breathing is what keeps you alive, so give it the importance it deserves.

Breathing is a way of contemplating reality in itself. Through breathing, you become aware of your body, of the emotions that fill it and the blockages you are suffering. By learning to oxygenate your tensions, you will feel relief, love and acceptance of yourself, thereby giving you all the vital energy you need to regenerate.

Each emotion needs a different form of breathing. By identifying your emotions and using each form of breathing, you will affect your organism directly. You will release tension, decongest your organs and widen your emotional space in order to see life realistically and clearly.

In this category you will learn to:

  • Identify the appropriate breathing for each situation and apply it.
  • Adopt various forms of breathing, depending on your blockages.
  • To feel relief and have a positive outlook.