Did you know that good stress exists ? It all depends on how you manage it. Initially, stress produces positive effects because it actsas the propeller that pushes us towards reaching our goals, stimulating creativity and skills. Some things or situations make you feel stressed and you cannot change them, but I will help you to put them into perspective. My mission is to help you break the vicious cercle so you can stop suffering. Boost you imagination and have a wider vision of your life.

Burn-out is negative stress that comes from work and lifestyles that aims to goals that are to high to reach, thereby leading to contradiction in your personal values. And so life becomes unbearable. It is very important to learn to recognize some of its symptoms such as reluctance, apathy, mental and physical fatigue, suffering, fear, feeling guilty and worried that you are not up to standard, anguish and loss of ability to smile. 

In this category, you will find a way to : 

  • Become aware of you physical and mental state
  • Take a step back 
  • Observe you life and you values
  • Find what is right for you and learn to say no