We have come to the conclusion that maintaining a motivated and dynamic team is one of the most important challenges for entrepreneurs today.

Among the most significant factors of the loss of productivity in the company is stress. The latter in various levels and also, the lack of knowledge of how to manage it correctly, increases the problems individually in each of the employees and, collectively affecting the work environment and the daily company’s results.


Stress generates lack of assertiveness, creativity and concentration, chronic tiredness, insomnia and above all it can lead to the abandonment of the job or generate excessive turnover of the workforce. On the contrary, it is demonstrated that the satisfaction and happiness of the employees definitely influences the results and sales, making them more productive, involved, creative and faithful. 

We are convinced that investing in human capital is today, more strategic than ever. For 10 years ídstress has worked closely with professionals and Human Resources departments of very diverse companies, from industrial, retail or professional services, helping successfully and always with the same GOAL; properly train your teams to manage situations of work stress, unpleasant emotions and its consequences.


Stress can be positive! If we know correctly what to do, how to face it and how to transform it.


We train teams in the identification of stress symptoms, their consequences, we treat emotional profiles, intergenerational or cultural conflicts and something very important, we give them the tools, both to mitigate and prevent stress and knowing how to solve unconfortable stress peak moments leadered by proactive focus.

Ana Lombard, Global Therapist and Specialist in Stress and Emotion Management, has designed a unique methodology based on reflective meditation. Thanks to it, we are able to return to the employees the confidence in themselves, in their internal or external contact with clients, we return their creativity and empathy, we give them effective breathing techniques to recover their calm, practical exercises to identify unpleasant emotions and how to reverse them , dynamics of team integration to improve the working environment between different areas and jobs, thus renewing their motivation and work commitment. 

Tangible results, happy employees… happy customers!


ídstress pro works with programs tailored to each company, because each company is a unique world with their very own needs, plus all this, we finalize the project with the service ídstress app for each employee, delivering a tool of value with a daily service, 24/7.

These training programs are modular and in many cases can be financed through the foundation. The basic course lasts 3-4 hours for groups of up to 20 people. Depending on the briefing and the needs of each company, we set up additional sessions. We deliver, to all the participants,  ídstress app as continuity, “Your pocket anti-stress coach” or “Your happy mentor”,  a unique mobile digital tool with a personalized program, to be able to continue benefiting from the meditation and breathing exercises, also created with a menu of 12 Categories to meet different objectives according to the user / employee with daily advice and in 3 languages ​​(ES – ENG – FR).

The fact of being able to practice fast meditations in any place and time of the day, makes the ídstress app, an ideal tool for companies, a solution that provides a positive feeling of protection and well-being for your employees day by day.

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    Motivated team with self-knowledge and innovative techniques.

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    Emotional well-being of my employees and feeling of protection.

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    Optimization of short and medium term results.

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    Objective management tools for my company

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    Better treatment of employees facing clients

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    Individual program for each company and employee

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    Recognition and Loyalty of my employees.

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    Continuity and attention 24 hours a day with ídstress app.


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“Recommend idstress? I think it’s more like a NECESSARY thing. 

And she, (Ana Lombard) directed me in bright way, with her methodology I could develop parts of my mind and body that I had no record of, thanks to it I have had a much greater development and I have been able to transfer all this in MY COMPANY. Thanks to that, we have hired all the ídstress pro services for the people who work here.” –

Javier Varón

CEO at Tradipacart, Barcelona.

“About idstress pro training:
“The knowledge of our emotions and therefore, the way in which we manage them,
It is undoubtedly a key tool, both personally and professionally.

Ana Lombard gives us the necessary help and guides us in this process, teaching us to understand and differentiate emotions, in order to achieve a reduction in our level of stress, and consequently, be more productive and enjoy our day to day. “

Laura Ortega Marín

Director of Corporate Services, Elèctrica Güell S.A.

on ídstress app:

The truth is that this is a very practical solution to relax the patient before entering the office. Remove the nervousness that comes from the rhythm of life itself and from the anguish caused by fear of the unknown.

Erika Tellez and Linda Ortega

Founders PUY - Dental Excellence

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