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“Let your food be your only medicine”! 400 BC, and Hippocrates already knew the importance of food for health. So, how are we today in 2018? What have we learned over time? and something super important, can foods condition our emotions favorably or unfavorably? Of course they got the power!

Healthy eating, emotions, stress and meditation with objectives. Welcome to our Healthy Kitchen by ídstress app ! Here, you will learn all about proper and conscious breathing, also you’ll create the recipes of Ferran López, your new chef and ídstress food coach. Here you will learn to regain balance and to better manage your emotions. For every problem, a creative recipe! Let’s go over there and make it happen.




In the Top 10 of healthy foods, tomatoes are full of benefits: anticancer food, they contribute to a beautiful skin, they also help to fight diabetes… But do you know tomatoes also have beneficial effects on our emotional state? Fully composed of red colors, this invigorating, energizing and revitalizing salad will not let you down! 🤩

To regain your energy, take note!: 

-3 tomatoes of your favourite variety

-about ten pitted cherries

-about ten raspberries

-about ten strawberries

-seeds of a grenade

-watermelon balls

-1 red endive

-a drizzle of olive oil

How to do it ?

1-Cut your 3 tomatoes into cubes
2-Arrange the cherries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon balls and pomegranate seeds evenly distributed on the plate.
3-Decorate the plate with red endive leaves
4-Season with a drizzle of olive oil


The benefits of tomatoes:

  • Tomato, contains folic acid which can fight against depression: Homocysteine in excess interferes with the production of hormones of well-being, like serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline, which govern not only mood, but also sleep and appetite. Tomatoes help fight against excess homocysteine.

The benefits of strawberry:

Like tomatoes, strawberry folates regulate excess homocysteine.

The benefits of watermelon:


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