Solution to work stress iDSTRESS PRO
by Ana Lombard

Causes and consequences of stress

Maintaining motivated, dynamic and healthy teams is a key issue for a company!
Stress generates lack of concentration, self-confidence, creativity and affects sleep quality, resulting in chronic fatigue. Not knowing how to manage and measure it properly affects the working climate of a company as well as its results.

With iDSTRESS PRO invest in human capital and turn stress into a STRENGTH !

Well-being at work and productivity

Behind each company’s achievement are men and women with different abilities. Just give them the keys to manage their assets in peace and conviviality. This is how reference companies are born ! A company can only be wealthy if it has involved, motivated and trained teams.

For the past 13 years, iDSTRESS PRO by Ana Lombard worded closely with Human Resources and/or head of companies from Industry to Trade. Always with the same aim : Training their teams to reduce and manage their stress and anxiety at work in order to limit its consequences.

Equipos involucrados

Involved teams

Feeling of belonging

Salud y felicidad

Health and happiness

Creatividad y productividad

Creativity and productivity

iDSTRESS PRO method by Ana Lombard

Thanks to the #POSITIVEstress method, Ana Lombard  therapist and specialist in stress and emotions management, trains your teams to :

And like that, we restore the confidence of your teams in their internal and external relations with costumers. Furthermore, we stimulate their creativity, empathy and disire to come to work.
Discover our various courses, trainings and workshops #POSITIVEstress by Ana Lombard here

Personalized programs

For iDSTRESS PRO, each and every company/organisation is unique. That’s why we only work on programs that fit your values and identity

To complete our training, we provide iDSTRESS APP . This « pocket stress coach » allows you to benefit from quick meditation and solution whenever the need arises to cultivate well-being at work daily.



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Employees motivated and trained to self-management of stress
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Well-being at work, sense of membership and motivation
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Best results in short and long term
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Professional commitment and responsabilities
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Efficacy and efficiency
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Personalised programs and exercises
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Recognition and loyalty of the employees
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Continuity and attention 24/7 with idstress app

Teams opinion

It was surprising and over our expectations especially regarding the exercises. 9/10

We enjoyed the course. 9/10

The best thing is that these advices and tools are useful both for my personal and professional life. 9/10

I wanted more ! 8/10

Recommend idstress? I think it’s more like a NECESSARY thing. 

And she, (Ana Lombard) directed me in bright way, with her methodology I could develop parts of my mind and body that I had no record of, thanks to it I have had a much greater development and I have been able to transfer all this in MY COMPANY. Thanks to that, we have hired all the ídstress pro services for the people who work here.”


Javier Varón
CEO at Tradipacart, Barcelona.

“About idstress pro training:
“The knowledge of our emotions and therefore, the way in which we manage them,
It is undoubtedly a key tool, both personally and professionally.

Ana Lombard gives us the necessary help and guides us in this process, teaching us to understand and differentiate emotions, in order to achieve a reduction in our level of stress, and consequently, be more productive and enjoy our day to day.

Laura Ortega Marín
Director of Corporate Services, Elèctrica Güell S.A.

On iDSTRESS app:
The truth is that this is a very practical solution to relax the patient before entering the office. Remove the nervousness that comes from the rhythm of life itself and from the anguish caused by fear of the unknown.

Erika Tellez y Linda Ortega
Founders PUY - Dental Excellence

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