Immediacy, a necessity


Nowadays has become normal to live with the sensation that we don’t have enough time. A sensation that makes us accelerate every move we make and being in a constant urgency that easily ends with a sentiment of insatisfaction with yourself.

Kévin Finel describes it as: “a feeling of suffocation”.

At the end, we all become prisoners of time, a term used by Morvan Salez, a doctor in astrophysics and space techniques.

However, we can erase that necessity from our heads and start being free by living in the present time to fulfill our minds with satisfaction.

By making the most of the time we have and practicing full consciousness we can lower our blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, sleep better and control our appetite without being compulsive.

By living in the present time we restore our breath and slow down our premature suffering.

According to new studies, practicing meditation from 10 to 20 minutes per day helps to reduce anxiety, depression and anger sentiments. Also, helps improve the well-being and relations with others.  

It’s time to stop being lazy and start taking care of ourselves with the compassion and emotional intelligence then we can get living in the present time.

Ana Lombard

Specialized in the management of stress and emotions

Creator of idstress app

Founder, Centro Enlace – Natural therapies, body and mind.

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