Has it happened to you that there are times when there is a voice that takes over your head without letting you think clearly and making you do or say things that you later regret or just can not explain why you did or said?

These voices are the impulses that take control and lead you to act without thinking before.

One of the most important causes of this is dissatisfaction. For example, today we are surrounded by so many visual stimuli and publicity that make us think that we constantly need something to be better and make us feel dissatisfied with our lives leading us to pay attention to that voice and acting in frustration without really appreciating what is important.

It is important to recognize that the voice may be there but it’s yours the power to lead your life.

Here are some tips on how you can help push that control button on the impulses:


Learn from past mistakes

Reflecting on previous episodes helps to avoid them in the future. Reaching self-control requires containing anger, hostility towards others and anxiety.


Pause, breathe and count: 1,2,3,4 … 10

Before acting, stop, breathe deeply and allow yourself to visualize the situation. Evaluate what changes you.


Learning to Manage Frustration and Anxiety

Frustration and anxiety are generated by not getting the results we expected, and in a desperate situation lead us to react impulsively. So learning to deal with frustration and anxiety helps us to avoid the uncontrolled behavior.


Download your energy

Practicing physical activity helps us drain and release energy and become more relaxed and calm when facing difficult situations.


Sharing is liberating

Do not keep what happens to you or what you feel. Share it, it will impress you to know that there are people around you who have gone through the same and can help you. Likewise, the liberating power of sharing will help you to let go of what is controlling you and get you out of it.

A sample of the power of sharing is the use of the hashtag #stressmademedoit in social networks. Go to and share with the community what stress and negative emotions make you do when they are in control of you. Leave it there and find support and different ways to deal with them in the Mind Yourself section of idstress app.

We are not alone, and you are important.


Ana Lombard

Specialist in Emotional Education and Stress Management

Founder of Centro Enlace ‘Terapias Naturales Cuerpo y Mente’


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