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C. Responsabilities

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D. Blog legal information

D.1. Use conditions

In order to protect the proper functioning of the blog and considering the impossibility of controlling the information, images, content and opinions that can be posted by USERS, certain behaviors are qualified as abuse and may cause the lost of the USER account, either temporarily or indefinitely.

As a rule, not content that may be unlawful, illegal, contrary to morals or public order or inappropriate will be published. The USER agrees not to publish, send email or provide any content for illegal purposes, or that violate the law or applicable regulations, or that somehow might injure the rights and interests of others. The USER agrees not to use this blog for personal interests or other than those for which it was created. All of these behaviors will be considered as abuse. As examples of these behaviors, some of them are reproduced below:

  • Misappropriate the intellectual property rights of third parties or other proprietary or contractual rights,
  • Having behaviors that go against good technical and computer operation of the web and that can damage and prevent the normal use of services,
  • Failure to observe the conditions of registration and access to the blog (create multiple accounts with the same purpose, participate simulating different opinions of people, impersonating others, publish irrelevant or unrelated to the purpose of the blog content ...)
  • Advertise or promote businesses or professional services or others or make commercial, advertising or marketing campaigns,
  • Defame, malign, injure, insult or belittle any USER or third party, as well as comment or informabout them false, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent,
  • Collect, use or disclose data, including personal data, about other USERS without their consent or affecting their privacy.

Failure to comply with the conditions of use may mean locking the user account, deleting and / or edit the offending text, and appropriate measures and complaints according to Spanish and European laws.

In order to improve service and minimize problems, ENLACE PROJECTS can revise and update the conditions of use without previous notice. For this reason, ENLACE PROJECTS reserves the right of not to publish those contents or information issued by the USERS of our blog that have violated the conditions of use.

The USER acknowledges that he has understood all information regarding the conditions of use of the blog, recognizes that they are sufficient to exclude any error in them, and therefore accepts them fully and expressly.

D.2. Liability limitation

Despite taking all precautions, ENLACE PROJECTS can not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy and updating of all information published nor lack of errors or omissions. ENLACE PROJECTS assumes no liability or which may arise from the use that USERS make of the information, content, assessments, opinions and comments posted on the blog.

Therefore, the opinions posted on the blog belong to their respective authors. ASMICIRP assumes no responsibility regarding the information and content of all kinds accessible from the blog that have been provided by third parties and, in particular, for damages of any kind related thereto and may result from: (i ) absence or deficiency of information provided by users, the fairness, accuracy, timeliness and sufficiency; (Ii) infringement of intellectual and industrial property, carry out acts of unfair competition or illicit advertising; (Iv) infringement of data protection, professional secrecy and the rights to honor, personal and family privacy and image of persons, and (v) in general, violation of any law, custom or code conduct that are applicable.

D.3. Intellectual property of the content embedded on the blog

The User grants to ENLACE PROJECTS a free, non-exclusive, universal, without geographical or temporary limitation license for the use and explotation of the contents incorporated through the blog, including the rights of publication, modification, transformation, collection, public communication and exploitation, in any form.

E. Applicable law and competent court

As provided in this document, as well as in the interpretation and resolution of conflicts that could arise between the parties arising out of the use of the Web or contracting through the same, Spanish legislation will apply, overcoming the parties to the jurisdiction that the applicable law determine in case of contracting with consumers. In the event of contracting with companies or legal persons, the parties submit, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction, to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.

F. Validity of the general conditions of access to the web

The General Conditions of Use have been modified on 07/11/2016. Anytime we can amend them: please check the issue date each time you connect to our Website and you will have the certainty that there has not been any change affecting to you.

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