Let’s live positive!

¡Vivamos en Positivo!

The word optimism comes from optimun, that means “the best”. Therefore optimism is the ability to see the best of things, to recognize the positive side even in the vicissitudes of life, such as the death of a loved one, a hard breakup or getting fired from a job.

Optimism is based on the premise that even though we can’t change a situation or it’s  consequences, we can decide how to deal with them. Suffering is then something that you choose, since there is another way, the positive one.

To be optimistic we must be open to finding the solutions, advantages and possibilities in all the situations that arise in life. And it’s no easy task at all, staying optimistic requires  willpower and mental training.

But it’s not impossible either, how to be optimistic is something you can learn. Here I enlisted some advices But it is not impossible either, how to be an optimist can be learned. Here I share some tips for you to start changing day to day, and finally in your lives.

  • Practice self-love every day:  learn how to love your defects as much as your virtues. Part of being human is to be imperfect and that’s somehow perfect. Give yourself presents, enjoy giving yourself retreats and take care of yourself mentally and physically. Take time to exercise and train your mind with the help of personalized programs such as the one in idstress app.
  • Learn how to say No: knowing how to say “no” is important and somehow therapeutic   because it helps you to set boundaries to what you don’t like or bothers you.
  • Think and act: being optimistic is not only  to think positive or  how to see the positive in each situation, it is also to act in such a way. Acting is the only way we can build a positive reality to live it.
  • Manage your emotions: emotions can take us from one end to the other, that’s why it’s important to know how to manage them in a positive way and have a balance.

Besides this tips you can start training and strengthening your mind with the help of the idstress application. Take the stress test and follow the steps of a personalized program. Become an optimistic person and don’t suffer from depression or stress problems, enjoy a good health and improve your relationships.

The ability to live positive helps us protect ourselves and works as a shield to difficulties and conflicts.


Ana Lombard


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