Talking about the personal and introspective world in terms of training the mind for a better quality of life is definitely a trend. This month of October, the newspaper La Vanguardia and Expansión made ídstress news regarding mental and emotional well-being with ídstress app and its creator, Ana Lombard.

ídstress app is committed to its area in constant growth, health and well-being, through breathing techniques and reflexive meditation exercises to meet objectives and manage emotions on a day-to-day basis. Let’s take care of our emotional well-being. ídstress app got this daily valuable advice and promote daily training to solve stress and other emotions or unpleasant moments of our daily life such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, fears, self-esteem, maternity, demotivation, irritability or emotional instability , etc. (Discover our categories, they may help you!)

On the other hand, ídstress is committed to improving the corporate world. Ana Lombard creates face-to-face training formats, lectures on the effects and benefits of stress in national and international companies (Madrid, Paris, Barcelona) complementing these talks and dynamics with practical tools such as the app with a personalized program.


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Monday, October 8
Expansion | Companies with positive stress


Sunday October 7
La Vanguardia | Para mantener el estrés a raya







i train my mind, everyday, with idstress app.