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Western meditation and unpleasant emotions management to get rid of stress and recover calm is achieving a great impact on society and is, right now, a sector in high growth and also known as a powerful trend tool suitable for anyone who decides to use it daily.

The benefits of daily mind training become increasingly evident, why? because they solve various everyday mental problems fulfilling an infinite number of personal goals. And it is because of the good cause and effect of this technique, that more and more people practice, share, guide and talk more about it. And that’s why, of course, this is GOOD NEWS!

ídstress app has created an infinite personalized program for me according to what I need today, has also created a space for me where I free myself from strong emotions and where I learn to create again my space of calm recovering the good mood, reconciling deep sleep, freeing creative my energy, helps me concentrate, helps me to stop somatizing muscular pains, including coping with the difficult moments of motherhood, introductory meditations for my children, among many other personal goals.

ídstress pro is now the perfect solution for companies and probably the best investment in employees wellbeing.

Today, ídstress app, pro and its creator, Ana Lombard, continue to make news about our mental and emotional balance, betting on a valuable brand in constant growth through a personalized methodology of breathing techniques and reflective meditation exercises.

Health and wellbeing, emotional troubles, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, and a bunch a issues that we can solve thanks to this power of mind knowledge and western meditation, lifestyle advices and daily mind training.

Let’s share the good news, read together and travel along our journey until today, among them, we should mention and thank for the interviews with La Vanguardia, Expansión, El País, SerPadres.Es, Vitoica, etc.

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My desire is to provide tools to the suffering people to reconcile their physical sensations with their emotional part. “

Ana Lombard

Global Therapist and Stress Management Specialist, Creator of ídstress app