5 recommendations to prolong the benefits of your holidays

prolong benefits holidays

You’re tanned and relaxed, ready to face September with energy and cheerfulness. Keep this state of fulfillment throughout the coming weeks by following the idstress well-being rituals.

You have enjoyed the sun, slept, relaxed and spent quality time with your family and friends (at least I hope so!); it is now time to begin a new year which will be as busy as the previous one. We all know that one month from now you risk being as tired as if you hadn’t left at all… idstress offers simples solutions to fit into your schedule and help you relax, prolong the benefits of your holidays and maintain your energy level.

Building on your emotional well-being

This is no secret: being relaxed and open to your sensations is key to achieving a feeling of well-being and completeness. The same way you are thinking about renewing your gym membership to maintain a physical balance, try to include the idstress meditation exercises into your routine to take care of your mind. If not strengthening your biceps, they will help you maintain an emotional well-being, boost your self esteem and develop your creativity. By helping your brain relax, your practicing caring for yourself. Isn’t this a wonderful resolution for the year to come?

Make sleeping a priority

September rimes with a farandole of reunions at work, sports activities resuming for the whole family, last minute shopping for the kids’ school supplies, labels on the clothes… You will not have a minute to spare! Meditation – Why not? But when will you find the time? During the night of course! In order to enjoy a restorative sleep, I usually advise my patients to listen to the exercise “Finding a peaceful sleep” at nighttime to let go of tensions and worries and achieve a restorative sleep. Better still if you fall asleep before the end of the recording! Your brain continues to register information; and the app will reprogram by itself in the morning.


Relaxing in under 3 minutes

It is possible to remain in a good mood and keep your energy level intact as long as you listen to yourself and make time for yourself during the day. During consultations, I often hear patients say they don’t have time to relax or meditate; with the idstress express relaxations, all will able to release tensions and refocus in under three minutes. The exercises “Finding the right position”, “increasing concentration”, or simply “relaxing in three minutes” will soon become indispensable parentheses during your day once you get used to taking some time for yourself. Do not worry about being selfish: taking care of yourself will also make you more available to others. And if you achieve making a habit of listening to those meditations, why not prolong the experience and discover the 5 minute exercises on idstress?

This quote by French philosopher Antonin de Sertillanges is food for thought: “Not having time to meditate is the same as not having time to figure out your path, focused as you are by the walk itself”. Have a nice November!

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