How do you imagine a kid’s world to be? Have you ever given it serious thought? I’ll give you some hints.

Growing up isn’t easy. Because the world is made for adults and doesn’t fit their size.

It’s tiring and complex to be a kid. While adults try to relax after work, kids are given homework.

We forget that it is our duty to educate them while preserving their vital energy, their creativity, their eagerness. Most of all, we must help them to enter our world, by teaching them to get to know themselves better, and developing their emotions and skills.

This category is for them. You’re giving them a lovely present, as they will learn to:

  • Calm down when they are agitated, acquiring tools to recover their concentration.
  • Identify and name their emotions, thereby regaining their self-esteem.
  • Get rid of their unpleasant emotions.
  • Understand and manage their fears and frustrations.
  • Stop being afraid of going to bed, and to sleep a deep sleep that will be the drive for their growth.
  • Recover their good mood and stop being affected by rage or whims.