Do your emotions get the better of you? Fear, anger, surprise, disgust, euphoria or simply sadness?

Does your body also notice it? Are you tense? Do you sweat profusely and for no apparent reason? Do you feel pain or get palpitations, and you don’t know why?

You need to manage your emotions and I am here to help you.

First of all, you need to identify them by calling them by their name.

Your emotions may be enjoyable, pleasant or unpleasant. The latter are the most difficult to identify. You notice them in your body, but you can’t identify them. They make you behave in inadequate or negative ways.

Once you identify them, you will be able to manage them freely, by choosing the most adequate attitude in each situation.

In this category you will:

  • First relax your body, so your brain may also be relaxed and therefore more efficient.
  • Identify your emotions and manage them in order to achieve an adequate behaviour.
  • Take the first step toward being proud of yourself and reaching your goals.