If you’ve entered this category, it must be because the relation you have with your sleep isn’t the one you’re after. You have trouble sleeping, and you are not getting quality sleep: you wake up feeling tired and as if you haven’t recovered.

In order to sleep, you need to listen to yourself, be aware of your needs and believe in your intuition. You need to take a step back from your aims and obligations, and believe in yourself!

Healing sleep will activate your mind’s ability to organise your learnings, knowledge and emotions for when you need them. Sleep will free up space so you may fill it again during the day. Each day will be better and richer than the one before, because you will have learnt to manage your daily routine and your skills, and have become more operational.

In this category you will:

  • Relax, in order to harmonise body and mind.
  • Free yourself of invasive thoughts and feelings.
  • Allow your brain to act as a back-up and leave room for storing new information.
  • Reach a state of deep and repairing sleep that will allow you to live the new day fully.