The adventure of idstress app started as a personal goal of helping as many people as possible  to manage their present and to alleviate any kind of discomfort.The idea was to be able to share the necessary tools so that each person would understand their emotions and knew each other better.

Along the way, I have had the support of many people who have given me their trust, despite how stubborn I can become when I have a clear idea in my head. And thanks to them, I have persevered and grown up to turn idstress into a tangible reality.

This has been a path where I have verified the human goodness that exists and surrounds me.

That is why I wanted to dedicate a special space to thank, first of all my children, Camille and Luc, who have always supported and believed in me. To my husband Rafael, for his unconditional love and for his patience, as well as for all the work we have done together.

I’m very fortunate to have won a heartfelt sister, Monica, whom I thank with all my tenderness for her unlimited hours, her enthusiasm and her dedication to this project.

A very strong and tender kiss to all my partners who follow me in this adventure. Thank you! I’m full of happiness knowing that people with great values trust me.

I can’t forget our friend Jérôme Barthélemy who, even though left us before he could saw the idea v.2 borned, I know he contemplates and takes care of this project from the stars.

Thanks also to Aurora Font and Eduardo Hervas for their precious advices. To Valentina Milá from Hotel Omm Barcelona, to Joaquim and Sara Carner from Carner Barcelona, and to Teresa Kessler, for allowing us to count with such a wonderful locations for the shooting of the videos.

To the team conformed by Dominique Lecuivre our producer, Meritxell Seva our makeup artist, Grau Bardulet our sound technician, Marie Reveilhac for her corrections and translations, Ester Delgado for her help and Óscar Benítez for his reviews.

And of course, to the whole team at The Mobile Bakery who have made this project a reality.

Thank you all for your participation in this fabulous and human project that is idstress app.

And finally, I apologize if I forgot to mention someone.

With all my tenderness,