Take Ana on vacation! 🌴

The long awaited holidays have arrived!

At last we will enjoy some well-deserved weeks of rest and freedom. We have many plans: a trip, pending dinners with friends, sunset strolls, going to the beach or the pool, having an aperitif at the beach bar and … sleeping a lot without having to get up early! Seen like this, vacations are a true oasis of regeneration for our body and mind. Reality, however, may not be so ideal …

Throughout the year we have certain help at home or with children, or we have it more or less organized. All this often disappears on holiday and we are loaded with a lot of extras: house, children, teenagers or grandparents, guests, meals and living together for 24 hours with our narrowest core …. In the end, a good part of the holidays can become an accumulation of obligations, but also a great opportunity to collaborate, educate, re-discover us, for long talks, walks and after-hours.

You need some support for yourself … to take on all these situations positively is called ídstress! With your favorite app you can learn to breathe, relieve tensions and learn to meditate so that you come back satisfied, with the batteries charged. It will allow you to rest and regenerate mind and body.

I recommend that you put into practice the categories of BREATHING and SELF-ESTEEM and that you apply the following formula daily during your holidays:

  1. Have breakfast tasting each of the ingredients that you put in your mouth and then do three times the emotional breathing, which will allow you to digest well and not swell.
  2. During the day, for example, at the time of the snack, carry out a meditation of the series ‘Express Relaxation’.
  3. At the time of the aperitif: enjoy, savor, contemplate and laugh.

My holiday suitcase to enjoy before and after.

I tell you what I take to enjoy and what makes me happy:

1. For the mornings: My flip-flops, a swimsuit, a pareo and 2 pairs of sunglasses (without them I can not go out in the summer and I can not read). 50 spray solar protection from the Lancaster house, because I’m doing very well and I love its smell.

2. For the afternoon: My special holiday skirt that makes me feel light and my original perfume to which I am faithful (COSTARELA de Carner).

3. My books: L’enseignement by Ramara Maharshi (which I already read at least 20 times) and Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari (which I am reserving).4. And my camera of photos 🙂 with which I will delight you during all the winter.


Ana Lombard

Specialized in the management of stress and emotions

Creator of idstress app

Founder, Centro Enlace – Natural therapies, body, and mind.

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