Thanks to all

Thanks you

Have you think how many times have you said thank you today? Or how many times have you complained about something being wrong today?

It is a fact that, unconsciously or not, daily we are more concerned of everything that is not right and of highlighting it with complaints, rather than notice everything that is well and be grateful for it. And it is understandable since recognizing that we have more than we value is not an easy practice to raise awareness.

Gratitude is a gift that we make to us in the moment we recognize our riches.

Gratitude allows us to gain security in times when we believe we have nothing, and feel peace when we are able to see who we have in our lives despite feeling alone at a given time. Gratitude has the power of changing our day to day and our lives when we give us the opportunity to recognize what we have and share it.

To understand it better, we must first know that being thankful isn’t a formalism. It has nothing to do with being polite and saying “thank you” for a service or to acknowledge a well done job.

Being thankful starts by looking around us or by taking a look back to the past, and identifying that person that helped us without expecting anything from us. To thank is to connect with an emotion and share it with the one who has caused it.


What is stopping us?

There are several obstacles that we face in order to be thankful for. Among them are the fear of what they will say, the feeling that it is already too late, pride, the thought that if it will be reciprocal and shyness.

To overcome these obstacles we can begin by identifying those things that obviously make us feel grateful and daily take a few minutes to appreciate it. This process will help to value those actions, situations or people that improve our lives.

Also, here I share with you ways of practicing gratitude. The goal is to live a happier life every day and in a given moment stop asking ourselves how many times we have complained today, because the things we are grateful for are greater than the things we complain about.

Show your appreciation for those around you: daily hundreds of people collaborate to make things work, from the postman, the person who has prepared that coffee that woke your morning or simply the one who said good morning in the elevator. And maybe we will never get to know these people, but recognizing the value of what they do and being grateful about it, will be enough to enjoy that moment more and perhaps, change their days too.

Feel alive every day: look for small reasons that can motivate you to turn that day into a good day. It doesn’t matter what it can be, from a call, a song, a delicious and healthy meal, or catching up with that friend you have not seen for some time. Part of feeling grateful and alive is to be able to give to ourselves the best we can give.

Enjoy the world around you: don’t walk your routine paths everyday, enjoy of giving yourself the chance to look up and recognize the beauties that gives you a new day. Take a walk listening to music, hang out after work before you get home, go shopping to the market and mingle with the community. Literally, take a break from the automatic routine and appreciate what you have at your feet.

Appreciate the present moment to share with your loved ones: we have many things and reasons to share with those we most appreciate now without having to wait for tomorrow, the next birthday or the coming year. Now is the perfect time!



Ana Lombard

Specialist in Emotional Education and Stress Management

Founder of Centro Enlace ‘Terapias Naturales Cuerpo y Mente’


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