The idstress family grows ➕! DiR Studio Les Corts

ídstress app creates strategic alliances to relieve my moments of #stress and thus be able to train my mind according to my own goals and / or unpleasant emotions.


Let’s add good news that encompasses wisdom of body and mind! “Enter and Meditate” – that’s how simple it is to enter the world of Western meditation to calm my mind and better manage my emotions in the idstress room of DiR Studio Les Corts. Having a break with myself to manage unpleasant emotions is more productive than I imagined, I discovered a better version of myself thanks to the personalized training that ídstress app has created for me.


How to enter? – I say that I AM PART of ídstress app for a free registration in DIR Les Corts. – I choose meditation according to my concern / emotion of the day. If I want more precision or I am new in the world of meditation and emotional management, ídstress has prepared a table of specific emotions with objectives meditations to heal that particular goal – I breathe, meditate and manage.

What other benefits do I have? – ídstress app + DiR Studio Les Corts will prepare group meditations within the halls. Therapeutic, senatorial, sensory and objective meditations. We will touch on specific topics such as extreme stress, burn out, anxiety, anguish, insomnia, relationships. etc. Let’s be attentive to social networks for upcoming group meditation dates or write us to send you a personalized invitation. |

Upcoming group meditation: Saturday 17-10-18 | 10:30 am


Meet ídstress room at Dir Studio Les Corts and the first med room already opened at the Puy Dental Clinic. So, optimize your classes, test the experience and check results! ✔️


Would you like me to build more alliance and keep growing our family?

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i train my mind, everyday with ídstress app

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