If you entered this category, it must be because your relationship with sleep isn’t the one you wish for. It is hard for you tu sleep and when you do, you wake up even more tired than  before, as if you hadn’t recovered. 

Lucky you, thanks to idstress you will sleep well every night and feel fully recharged. 

Refilling sleep helps your brain to organise your learning process, knowledge, emotions so that you can use them whenever you need it. Sleep leaves room for what is going to happen during the day.

Each day is going to be better and enriching than the previous one because you will know yourself, your skills and your abilities better than before.

In this category you will learn how to :

  • Relax to harmonise body and mind.
  • Free yourself from thoughts and invasive emotions. 
  • Allow you brain to archieve things and leave room for new informations. 
  • Reach a refilling sleep that allows you to fully live each day.