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Our freedom as human beings lies in the use of our willpower. Nevertheless, the challenge is to feel secure enough to exercise its power and be free.

Willpower protects us from the control of unwanted impulses, makes coherence between what we say, think and do. It is the capacity we have to achieve our goals.

We can think of the will as a muscle in the body that is strengthened by use and weakened by lack of stimulation. That’s why we need to consider a conscious training to strengthen it routinely.

Here are some tips that will help you train the willpower and make it strong:

Set your goals: the clearer you have your goals the clearer will be your standards of self-control and the limits will not mix in your head.

Pay attention and keep a record: you have to keep in mind the behavior you want to manage. This will help you to motivate yourself and avoid to be distracted from your goals.

Share your will: your goal is easier to achieve with the support of your social environment. Likewise, you will also generate reward and recognition with the results that you are obtaining.

Manage your efforts and recharge your energies: Like training any muscle in the body is also important to rest, sleep well, have moments of doing nothing and replenish energies with positive reinforcements that will allow you to continue. Meditation is an excellent alternative that will help you achieve mental and corporal calm.

Power your motivation: your motivation must be independent of the mechanisms of self-regulation, you should not block what motivates you in order to achieve self-control.

Identify what generates a negative impulses: the bipolarity of desires will always be present, the ones that lead to immediate gratification and doesn’t let you reflect on the consequences controlling you. But there is also the other rational side that lets you see beyond, recognizing what lead you to your goals.

And finally, forgive your mistakes: making mistakes is human, so you must learn how to overcome them so you do not stay in the guilt thinking about failure.

Ana Lombard

Specialized in the management of stress and emotions

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Founder, Centro Enlace – Natural therapies, body and mind.

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