You have 3 brains (yes, 3!)

3 brains and an antidote for unpleasant emotions
A brain in our head with about 86 billion neurons! where all the intellect is centralized, that is … our virtual library. This control tower keeps our state of consciousness and manages spatial reasoning, language and voluntary commands.
A brain in our heart which is our emotional brain … 40,000 neurons! Our heart rate beats to the rhythm of our emotions sending messages to the brain and the rest of the body. According to the Harvard Medical School, the chemical “conversations” between the heart and the brain affect the brain-head as well as our brain-heart. Unpleasant emotions or situations (anguish, stress and solitude) as well as pleasant emotions influence the heart.
«The heartbeat is similar to the Morse code. These messages reflect your emotional state. ” Dr. Rollin McCraty.
Attention, honey! As a therapist I tell you that the most important one comes now.
A brain in our belly (WE ARE our enteric brain) 200 million neurons! It manages our entire digestive system and supports our viscerality. Emotions, fear and anguish, can transmit belly pain, digestive or transit problems.
Proven: The health of our 3 brains affects each other! What shall you do?
TIP: Focus your breath! In your heart, so you can relieve it and reassure your heartbeat. As a therapist, I like to share the idea and awareness that a deep and deep breathing favors the beating of the heart and the structuring of brain waves, achieving coherence and improving physical and mental health.
So, will a diseased bowel cause emotional disturbances? Yes! Do we have several nervous systems? Yes!
The central nervous system: the brain
The enteric system: the digestive system.
It is a fact! Both in the brain and in the intestine, the stimulation of neurons will create neurotransmitters that will affect your sleep, mood, appetite, pain, depression, obesity, aggression, insomnia, and all this: a lot of stress. Without realizing it, some digestive problems may increase: fatigue, headaches or disorders in our hormonal system.
In conclusion, our digestive system hosts our EMOTIONAL system and is in permanent communication with the brain and the heart.
Personal Recipe: – Let’s relax!
To release the intestines, the most effective tool is to breathe deeply by swelling and deflating the belly.
Try it now and I guarantee you will start to feel results. Start your own massage of the intestines, stomach, liver, kidneys … Let’s oxygenate our emotions!
Now, try now the following: Help yourself with idstress App (Category Breathing) is as effective as an anti-depressant, without spending on medications and much more natural for your health and your personal satisfaction. To finish the recipe I will add: CONSTANCE.
You can! It evolves. Meditate, know yourself and find your best version with idstress app.

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