Orange is the new water

“Let your food be your medicine!” 400 AD, and Hippocrates already knew the importance of food for health. Have you ever thought about that? What have we learned over time? And something very important, can food condition our emotions, in a positive or negative way? That is a very good question!

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Orange is the new water.

An option to get rid of food excess.

Orange, cinnamon and anise are perfect to help our body among these dates: bye bye kilos! It’s time to get our act together. Feel better with a lighter body, it will help you to be in a better mood, concentrate and regain your natural rhythm. Drinking orange cinnamon and anise infusions, cold or hot, will help you cleanse, eliminate toxins, facilitate digestion and fight colds.

As good for you, as well as to share it with your friends as a light alternative these dates.

Flavoured water or infusion to react after excesses, take note and visit our youtube channel to see all our recipes:

– 2 oranges or just the skin to make the infusion.

– 4 cinnamon sticks.

– 8 pieces of star anise.

– Ice cubes (for flavoured water)

– 1L of water.

– Honey (for the hot version)

What to do with all this?

Version “On the rocks”:

1- Cut the oranges into slices.

2- Prepare a jar with water (1L) and ice cubes.

3- Break the cinnamon sticks in half and mix them with the ice cubes.

4- Add the star anise and orange.

5- Then remove by pressing so that the orange can release its juice.

6- Ready to serve.

Hot version, infusion:

1- Peel the oranges well, take care not to leave the white part stuck to the meat (remove it well).
2- Boil 1 liter of water in the fire.
3- Introduce the orange peel and leave to infuse for 5 minutes.
4- Once the fire is out, add the cinnamon stick or powder and star anise.
5- Serve hot or warm.

Advantages of orange:

Orange or orange peel (in winter, thick-skinned oranges are an excellent base material for preparing this drink in its hot version.): It is an excellent antioxidant that delays aging, also helps to prevent colds and other respiratory diseases. Its essential oils have a calming effect that will help us to rest better. Also regulates the digestive system and the hormonal system when it is affected by stress, sedentary life etc.

The advantages of star anise:

Star anise facilitates digestion and is very useful in cases of heavy digestion, intestinal fermentation and flatulence. It reduces abdominal swelling and helps to eliminate fluids and toxins.
It is expectorant, which has beneficial effects on our respiratory system by relieving diseases such as cough, bronchitis, asthma or influenza, and by removing mucus.

The advantages of cinnamon:

Cinnamon sticks are rich in minerals, vitamins and flavonoids.
It has antioxidant properties and is an excellent natural medicine for its antiseptic, anesthetic (thanks to its essential oils) and anti-inflammatory properties.
In addition, it is used to reduce blood sugar levels (diabetics) and to regulate LDL cholesterol.
What we are interested in now is his work in treating digestive problems: slow, heavy or flatulence digestion.

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